TAVANA Technology Center

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TAVANA founded in 2012 and registered in Kish Island, Iran and also registered at Science and Technology Park of Tehran University as a technology driven enterprise.

TAVANA provides services to the upstream oil and gas industry in a close cooperation with the well-known international service providers.



 To become a pioneer in providing advanced services to the oil and gas industry recognised for,

                                 > State-of-the-art technologies,

                                                             > Outstanding technical quality and

                                                                                                       > Value creation



  > To realize the actual needs,

  > To monitor the last technologies

  > To create and /or transfer the necessary technologies

  > To Provide the best services using the most efficient technologies


Message of The Founder

 Increasing needs of the world to the energy make us to gain the advantages of the last technologies and innovations to produce the energy resources in an optimized manner, with minimum cost.

We in TAVANA will do our best to provide the most efficient services to our clients relying on the last technologies and preventing any inefficient traditional methods.

We will try to be the best, and offer the best services to the best clients, since we believe that:

“The Best Deserves The Best”

                                                                                                            Dr. Ali Misaghi