TAVANA Technology Center

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TAVANA and RIPI signed an agreement to cooperate closely and expand their services internationally. TAVANA, as a technology driven enterprise and registered in science and technology park of Tehran University who has a large international network, will cooperate with the Research Institute of Petroleum Industry(RIPI) to promote this large organization internationally and expand the geography of their services to the other countries.


TAVANA Cooperates with " The Second National Iranian Conference on Gas Hydrate".  Dr. Ali Misaghi of TAVANA  will provide technical assistance, as technical committee member of the event,  for the activities related to the upstream part of the event. Learn More About The Event


TAVANA is cooperating with EAGE for " The Second EAGE Workshop on Iraq Field Development". After a successful experience with the first EAGE workshop on Iraq in Istanbul, Dr. Ali Misaghi of TAVANA will continue his cooperation with EAGE as a technical committee member for the second EAGE workshop on Iraq. This event will be organized in Jordan in 2013. Learn More About The Event


TAVANA cooperates with the International Petroleum Technology Conference(IPTC). Dr. Ali Misaghi of TAVANA is a a Technical Committee Member of the IPTC to encourage the Iranian scientists to present their works in this event and also provide necessary consultancies in coordination of technical activities and reviewing the papers. Learn More About IPTC

Dr. Ali Misaghi - SEG Istanbul - TRT Channel

TAVANA had an effective presence and cooperation with SEG in International Geophysical Conference in Istanbul. TAVANA effectively encouraged  Iranian scientists and students to present their works and papers in this conference and about 75 papers out of 140 was from Iranian participants. Dr. Ali Misaghi of TAVANA was acknowledged in the opening ceremony of the conference for his efforts for the conference. TRT ,Turkish National Radio and Television channel, organized an exclusive live interview with Dr. Ali Misaghi about the outcome of the Conference, Geophysics and the future of  oil and gas exploration in the area. Watch The Interview Here


TAVANA represents the Energy and Mineral Resources Group(EMR) of Aachen University in Iran, exclusively. Based on the agreement TAVANA will coordinate all the activities of EMR in Iran for the services related to Geochemical studies, 3D Basin Modelling and Petroleum System Analysis, study of Unconventional Hydrocarbon Resources; ShaleGas And OilShale training and supervision program.


TAVANA represents LandTech SA Enterprises in Iran for the projects related to Passive Seismic and Non-Seismic methods, exclusively. Therefore, this joint venture is able to provide different services in land and offshore for Passive Seismic Tomography, Magnetotelluric  investigations and Gravity and Magnetic surveys.


TAVANA represents Anatolian Geophysical Company of Turkey and Dr. Oz Yilmaz in Iran for the activities related to Seismic Data Acquisition, Processing and Interpretation, exclusively. This agreement enables TAVANA to conduct any seismic processing project, PSTM/PSDM, Training and supervisions using the experts, hardware and software of Anatolian Geophysical.


TAVANA was accepted as a main member of " Association of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries Research Companies(APNA). As a member of this association, TAVANA will be able to conduct the research based projects in cooperation and support of the other members.


TAVANA was approved by the scientific committee of Tehran University  as a technology oriented company to be registered in the Science and Technology Park of Tehran University(UTSTP) and to be able to conduct any research based projects in the area of upstream oil industry in cooperation with the other companies within the Park. Learn More About UTSTP